Cá Bhfuil Mo Fada?

Beecher Networks is an accredited .IE Registrar

We’ve had a few complaints in the past that the fada isn’t available for IE domains, despite Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) being available in many top-level domains for some time now. That should be about to change though, as the IE Domain Registry is currently running a consultation on adding the fada to domains, and […]

Short IE Domain Names – Landrush Starts 21/02/2016

Beecher Networks is an accredited .IE Registrar

The launch of 1 and 2 letter IE domain names continues to the Landrush phase on February 21, essentially a pre-registration period with a premium price that reduces competition for registrations. Domains that have more than one applicant by the end of this phase, on March 22, will go to auction between March 29 and […]

WordPress Website – Horizon Energy Group

Our customer Utility Brokers asked us to put together a website for their dedicated industrial and commercial offering, Horizon Energy. The site is WordPress-based, with a bespoke theme using Creativo as a framework. Jamie O’Leary created the graphical templates.  

Donban Contracting Redevelopment

Beecher Networks has been working with Donban Contracting for several years, having managed their domain portfolio and project hosting since 2010.

WordPress Caching Plugins Security Notice

Updates for the W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache plugins have been released recently to deal with a security issue that can be exploited even if the plugins aren’t active. If you run either of these plugins on your site, please upgrade them immediately.

Maintenance Window 13/11/2012 0100-0600

Our co-location provider has announced an at-risk window from 0100 to 0600 on the 13th of this month. Downtime on our services  during this time is unlikely, but not impossible — if you have maintenance scheduled within this window, we would recommend moving it forward by one day. We have been notified of further planned […]

Domain Offers: INFO, MOBI, PRO, CO, TV

We have no less than 5 top-level domains on special offer at the moment at Beecher Networks — .info for informational websites, .mobi for mobile sites, .pro for professionals, .co as an shorter alternative to .com, and .tv for media applications.

Sublift Limited on WordPress

New business Sublift Limited inspects, tests, repairs and certifies lifting equipment, plant and machinery; and supplies a variety of lifting solutions to fulfill any requirement. Sublift needed to get online quickly, so they chose Beecher Networks to handle the process.

Case Study: Welch Sports to Magento


Cork-based sporting goods retailer Welch Sports contracted us in August to take over management of their popular website, previously operated in two installations of Zen Cart as a catalogue. Welch’s wanted to merge these installations into one and redesign the website with more of a focus on sales. We demonstrated our most recent Magento project […]

Case Study: Ecostore.ie Redevelopment

Long-standing client Waste Solutions asked us to review their Ecostore.ie etail website, developed by another agency, because it utilised a catalogue management system that had become clumsy and and difficult to operate.