Cheque Acceptance Update

No Cheques

Please note that from 01/01/2021 we no longer accept cheques. At this point, on average we receive only one or two cheques per month, mostly for small amounts such as the renewal of a single domain name. Domains and hosting are a very low margin business, so the cost of taking the cheques to the […]

COV19 Support & Status

I’m sure you’re tired of the words “Coronavirus” and “COVID-19” at this stage so I’ll keep this short: Help & Support with COV19 If you need help communicating with your customers, taking payments or working remotely, please let us know. We can set up simple solutions like site notices about closures or payments quickly and […] Email

Eircom recently announced that they will begin charging €6 per month per email address on the 31st of March this year. We reviewed our customer accounts and found that many primary contacts that still use email addresses, so we thought we should explain that alternatives are available. If you already have a hosting account […]

“DNS Ireland” Is A Scam

If you receive an email from “DNS Ireland” claiming to have received a request to register an alternate of your domain name, well, they haven’t; and they’re not obligated register it for 10 years either (at twice the normal price). DNS Ireland is not a real company, and Liam Doyle is not a real person. […]

Prevent your site from becoming “Not Secure”

Just a quick post to let you know that later this month, all sites that aren’t currently using SSL / HTTPS will be marked as Not Secure by the Google Chrome browser. When Chrome 56 is released, the address bar will be adjusted as follows: Firefox, Safari and other browser will follow their lead soon, […]

IE Domain Fastpass / .Health Launch

IE Fastpass As previously mentioned, IE domain registrations no longer require a “claim to the name”, however current IE domain holders should also know that a Fastpass process has been put in place to enable you to register new domains without any further documentation. All we need is the previous domain name, even if it’s […]

IE domain easier to register from March 21, protect your brand!

The rules for registering IE domain names are changing. From March 21, the need to explain why you want a particular name (the “claim to the name”) when registering an IE domain will be removed. This will make it faster and easier to get an IE domain. Anyone with a real connection to Ireland will […]

IE Domains Getting Easier To Register

From March 2018, the need to explain why you want a particular name (the “claim to the name”) when registering an IE domain name will be removed. All you will need to prove is a connection to Ireland, via a company number, driving licence, trademark, etc. Here’s the details from the registry: IE Domain Registry […]

Businesses Using Freemail Accounts Aren’t Trusted

The following research comes from the IE Domain Registry via Ignite and confirms our advice to our customers — freemail and ISP email accounts don’t inspire confidence with end users. An email address using your own domain name should be mandatory, and will look better on your marketing and advertising. If you’re currently using a […]

Cá Bhfuil Mo Fada?

Beecher Networks is an accredited .IE Registrar

We’ve had a few complaints in the past that the fada isn’t available for IE domains, despite Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) being available in many top-level domains for some time now. That should be about to change though, as the IE Domain Registry is currently running a consultation on adding the fada to domains, and […]